2017 Garden Trends – Ideas For Your Garden. Geometric designs and natural landscaping materials are set to be key features of garden design during 2017 reflecting the influence of major public gardens currently under renovation. Landscape designer Christopher Bradley-Hole is a leading proponent of geometric, cubist style designs and it is these designs which are being featured in the BBC White City and Highbury Stadium redevelopments that are attracting increasing attention among gardeners and landscapers alike.


His style is characterized by the use of straight lines, squares and rectangles creating a sense of symmetry across the garden. Raised beds and neatly clipped box hedging give it a three dimensional cubist feel. Fences have prominent straight lines, sometimes using two colours – one for the uprights and a darker shade for the panels. The simplicity of this type of landscaping brings in colour while keeping gardens easy to maintain. The use of numerous paths encourages people to explore and walk around the garden, discovering all its nooks and crannies.


Landscaping colours are very natural in shade. Soft browns, beige, and soft golds are the most commonly used colours within these types of landscapes. These are shades which blend in, and are easy on the eye while encouraging relaxation.


The use of natural landscaping materials reflects this style of gardening. In line with the desire for sustainability and local materials, more and more gardeners are moving towards using more wood and stone rather than man made composites. Natural stone is regarded as an ideal choice since it gives a sense of authenticity, of heritage especially to new gardens making them seem as though they have always been part of the landscape. It also enhances a garden since such materials are seen as high quality, durable and long lasting making them good value for money.


What is more, natural landscaping materials tend to be mainly available in the shades that are most in demand by trendy gardeners – soft shades of yellow, brown and grey.


It is a style and type of materials that suits any environment and never looks out of place, whether in a small town house garden or a country home with several acres. A further advantage is the fact that it is easy to maintain. The use of small geometric beds ensures that bending is kept to a minimum, and all sides of the bed can be easily reached thus making it easy to look after the plants.


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