Autumn is a good time to install a fence. There is no need to wait until the Spring to get your fence installed. Autumn is a great time to carry out this work and there are a number of reasons why:

Speed of Service

Spring is a popular time for getting your garden ready for the Summer so there may be a bit of a wait to get your fencing project booked in with a fencing contractor. If you look to have this work carried out in the Autumn you beat the rush and also have your fencing installed and your garden ready for when the Spring arrives allowing you to get full use out of it straight away when the sun arrives.

Saving Money

Fencing contractors are very busy during the Spring and Summer so you are more likely to get a better deal by approaching them in the Autumn or Winter to carry out your project.  You can then use any savings made in your budget to either get the project completed at a cheaper rate or use the saving to spend more on the materials on your project creating an even more beautiful fence.

Having Your Garden Ready For the Spring

By having the work carried out in the Autumn that is one project you have completed before the Spring arrives allowing you to enjoy your garden and the sunshine as soon as it appears and have fun in the garden with your family straight away.

Friendly on Your Landscaping

Carrying out your fencing project in the Autumn is a good idea as much of the landscape will be dormant so it will be less damaging to your plants. If you have bushes or roses that are near where the fence will be installed, they can be trimmed back or even relocated during their dormancy without causing long-term damage.

If you do need to replace some plants or re-landscape areas where the fence was installed, getting the fence project done during the Winter will give you a head start in getting new plants in the ground come Spring. By getting them in early, you’ll ensure they are well established before the Summer heat causes stress that can harm immature plants.

Your Fencing Will be Ready for Winter

If your fence is looking worse for wear now would be a good time to replace it before the Winter takes hold. We have had some cold Winters recently and a strong new fence will hold up well against the cold, snow, and sleet.

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