Balau decking is a hardwood decking. It is the most requested hardwood decking that we install for our clients. It has a fine and even texture and comes in a mixture of warm colours with golden browns, light browns and pale reddish-browns that suit a natural environment.

Before it is used Balau wood goes through a specific drying process involving kiln-drying for 30 to 60 days to ensure that it doesn’t crack or warp.  After kiln-drying the wood is dried in the sun for several days to produce its yellowy-orange hue.

Balau is a Malaysian hardwood that is hardwearing and durable and is stronger than most other wood. It has excellent overall strength and weather resistance. Over time it will naturally weather to a silver-grey colour if not treated annually with a decking oil. Use a UV-resistant wood finishing product to protect the wood against the elements.

Hardwood decking is easy to maintain. As with all decking it should be brushed over regularly to keep it free from debris and should be oiled once a year to keep it looking it best. To give it a thorough clean wash over with soda crystals and warm water or you can give it a light jetwash.

Other hardwoods that we work with for our clients are Ipe, Garapa and West Red Cedar. We also install composite decking on our projects.