Decking or Paving. Which is best? It can be very hard to choose. Both look great, easy to install and simple to maintain. Both are natural products, and are environmentally friendly. A pretty area of decking, or a smart paved patio or driveway definitely adds value to your home. It makes sitting outside even more fun, and provides a safe play area for kids without having to worry about problems of muddy grass.

Decking is very appealing. It can be a pleasure looking at natural wood, with its gently tawny shades or you can paint the wood almost any colour you want. Smooth and slightly warm to the touch, it looks good all year round. Decking is ideal if you have a sloping area, as it can be easily adjusted to cope with uneven surfaces. It is also easy to modify in years to come when your needs change, for example if you need extra space to cope with children or plan more entertaining. Decking is very durable and retains its appearance as long as you do not mistreat it!

Paving is very strong and hard wearing albeit a little less forgiving if you fall! Paving stones can be cut to suit a wide range of different shapes and sizes allowing you to create a variety of patterns and designs to give a very individual, bespoke style. You can even co-ordinate that design across your paths and driveway as well as a patio. It can look very visually striking and impressive. Paving makes the perfect choice for driveways as it is extremely strong and hard wearing.

Keeping paving or decking clean is important. No matter whether you have chosen paving or decking, algae can build up during the winter time or after heavy rain and make surfaces slippery. A good clean and brush over will quickly deal with the problem.

Choosing between decking and paving is not easy. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to making a final choice. It is very much a matter of personal preference. What do you like best? What will suit your home and your circumstances?

A chat with a specialist supplier and installer can be of immense help. They can offer suggestions and advice that you might not otherwise have considered.

Whichever you choose, installation is quick and easy – just call in the professionals who can install it for you giving you the garden of your dreams.

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