A desire for privacy away from prying eyes, securing a boundary or the need to repair damaged panels usually results in a quick decision to install a new fence.  But being too hasty can result in the wrong choices being made. 

Simply choosing a fence style is not easy. All too frequently people opt for straightforward larch lap type fencing because it is the most common type. 

There are lots of different types such as lap fences, closeboard, rails, wavy edged, hazel hurdles and willow weaves.  Some types may be more suitable to your property than others. You need to consider style and colour as well as the need for security.   

Size too can make a difference.  A desire for privacy can often result in installing too tall fence panels but if your garden is exposed to the wind, then you may find that these are more prone to wind damage during storms.  It can also lead to problems with neighbours. This is certainly something that we can advise you on. 

You can easily find yourself breaching legal covenants and restrictions, incurring legal expenses and eventually having to replace the fence yet again.  It may be you are not even responsible for the fence.  Who owns your fence? Is it you or your neighbour?  Many home owners have little knowledge of just what their responsibilities are with regard to property boundaries.   

Some housing estates have restrictions as to the type of boundary markers that can be used at the front of properties, requiring an almost open plan layout.   

Before taking any action to replace or install a fence, it is wise to check your deeds and identify exactly what you can or cannot do.  Talking to a local hard landscaping company such as C&J Landscapes Ltd will be beneficial.  Their in-depth knowledge of the area means that they will frequently already know what can and cannot be done with fences in your area. This can reduce the research time and avoid potential problems. Talking to the experts and seeking their help can be a much better longterm option than just choosing an off the peg fence and hoping it works. Using a specialist ensures that the fence matches your legal responsibilities, personal style and is installed safely and securely with minimum disturbance to you and your neighbours.

If you would like to arrange a consultation to discuss your fence replacement please get in touch via our website www.cj-landscapes.co.uk or email info@cj-landscapes.co.uk.