Wooden or concrete posts? Choosing your fencing is a big decision to make. You need to decide on what you are looking for from your fencing. Is it for security or for design purposes? Your fencing can totally change the look of your garden and home so it needs to be thought through properly. One decision that you might need to make is whether to install concrete or wooden posts with your fencing.

Here we take a look at the pros and cons of both:

Wooden Posts

  • Wooden posts are not as heavy as concrete posts so they are not as difficult to install which makes them more cost effective than concrete.
  • Timber fence posts create a far more natural warmer look than their concrete counterpart.
  • Wooden posts will match the wooden fencing or fence panels and can be easily matched to your fencing, creating a seamless boundary around your garden. They also blend in with trees and hedges creating a natural look throughout.
  • If you have wooden decking installed in your garden then wooden posts and fencing really look great together. Looks great with pergolas too!
  • Wooden fence posts allow the fencing to be fixed to the fence posts. Sometimes fence panels can rattle in the wind and by having them tightly fixed to the post alleviates that potential problem.
  • Fixing fence panels to the posts can also make the fence more secure. One of the most common ways items or pets are stolen from a garden is by lifting the fence panel out of its slot.
  • You can add fence post caps to wooden posts which adds an elegant finishing touch to your garden. They also add another step for a thief who would have to remove the post caps if they want to remove a fence panel out.
  • You can personalise the fence posts with paint or varnish.

Concrete Posts

  • The posts are heavier which makes them more difficult to install making them slightly more expensive than wooden posts.
  • There is little upkeep required with concrete fence posts. To keep them looking fresh just a quick wash with warm soapy water.
  • Concrete fence posts provide a sturdy support for your fencing giving you peace of mind that your fence is robustly supported.
  • Concrete Fence Posts are slotted, which means that if your fence panels need to be replaced you can simply slide out your existing panels and replace them with new fence panels.

The decision is yours entirely to make and everyone has a different opinion. If you would like to discuss a fencing project and get some advice then please call us on or email us at info@cj-landscapes.co.uk