Garden decking extras. Adding a few extras to your decking such as built in seating or planters can make a tremendous difference to your garden. Such features immediately enhance the beauty and functionality of your decking, while maximizing available space.

Why not add in some pretty timber benches along the sides? This helps the transition from house to garden, while providing valuable additional seating that is perfect for al fresco entertaining. Inbuilt seating takes up far less space than a conventional table and chairs, and also has the advantage of being able to seat more people at any one time.

Wooden benches evoke a sense of age less tradition, and look brilliant with any house style. A contrasting shade of wood can be very eye catching, while co-coordinating shades makes the space seem even larger. Darker tones can add a sense of warmth on cooler days.   Existing features such as trees besides the decking can be enhanced by placing built in benches around it.

Some built in planters provide an ideal way to grow sweet smelling and culinary herbs, or colourful annuals to brighten up al fresco dining. Built at waist height, planters can avoid the need for bending making it easier for anyone who is disabled to enjoy their garden.

Steps provide additional interest and allow the installation of multi-level decking. The number of steps depends very much on the gradient, especially if your garden is sloping. Safety is obviously paramount as it is essential to avoid anyone falling down the steps and hurting themselves. Handrails are essential, while different shading at the edges of steps will help distinguish where one step ends and another starts. Contrasting textures are another way of combining safety with visual interest. At night, LED lighting beside each step will provide safety as well as creating a very pretty, twinkling, eye-catching image.

End posts and handrails provide lots of opportunities for individuality, creating curves or shaped ends. Adding a fir cone shape or a circular globe gives hints of heritage, of age, as they are traditional garden styles. For something more contemporary, try squares or blocks.

No one ever has enough storage space, no matter how big your house and garden. This is where built in decking features can really make an impact. Just consider the amount of space that exists underneath steps or under benches.

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