Garden decking trends 2016. Will 2016 be the year of curves? All the indications suggest that this is set to be the dominant trend in decking design. People are increasingly seeking to be more individualistic, wanting gentle curves rather than stark rectangles and squares.

Curves can help make smaller spaces feel larger as the space is less clearly defined and leads neatly into the wider garden area. This provides a much better and more aesthetically pleasing link between lawns, flowerbeds and the house.

There is some interest in multi-level decks with little steps leading from one to another. This helps create variations in height, again helping to make a garden area seem much bigger than it actually is.

Natural colours are still very much in evidence. Rich dark browns, soft browns, golden yellows reminiscent of autumn colours are trendy, although blue themes add a cooling touch to many gardens. An intriguing trend that is appearing is the use of a two colour decking style. This often involves having a dark colour such as a rich brown on the floor area, and highlights in a brighter or softer shade. The highlights may be created by low railings or by outlining a feature or area of the decking.

Everyone is looking at ways of maximizing decking space so as to get value for money and as much use as possible. Given Britain’s uncertain climate, it is not surprising that many people are adding arbours or roof areas that can be covered over when necessary to provide shade from hot sun or shelter from inclement weather.

Temporary lighting is set to become much more common rather than opting for fixed lighting methods. The big advantage to temporary lighting is that it can be varied according to the time of the year, making it much more cost effective. Solar lights that can be moved around without having to install wiring are popular with many people, especially environmentally conscious householders.

Low maintenance solutions are set to become one of the dominant trends over the coming year. Most people find they just do not have as much spare time as they would like. There are so many constraints on leisure time, and so many things to do, that home owners want easy solutions. Decking is seen as being reasonably easy to maintain, especially if composite materials are used. Made from recycled plastic and wood fibre, these decking panels do not need to be stained or maintained on a yearly basis and have a long life span.

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