Here we look at garden fence security. With the arrival of the dark nights of winter, there are fewer people around in gardens and streets. All too frequently, people are tucked up warm inside their homes with curtains closed. But what is happening outside?

As darkness falls, it becomes easier for potential intruders to take advantage of the lack of light, especially if houses appear to be empty in the early evening. It is not unknown for thieves to break into sheds even if you are at home.

Problems with theft and burglary within the home and garden sheds often increase in winter. This can be costly due to possessions having to be replaced and the feeling of having your home invaded. Insurance does not always cover all the damage, and it does leave you feeling insecure.

It is not just a matter of potential theft. Secure fencing can also make a difference if you have pets or young children. Gaps in fences and open gates can lead to children and pets straying into the road, which can lead to accidents.

Making sure that your fences are totally secure has to be a priority, especially at this time of the year. It only takes a few minutes to check out fencing and identify any problems. All you have to do is walk along your boundary fences regularly and check to see that there are no gaps, no damaged areas and that the posts holding up fence panels are firmly in the ground. Fences should also be checked automatically whenever there has been any high winds or major storms.

Any damage to fencing should be dealt with immediately – the longer you leave it, the greater the chance of further damage occurring and obviously it poses a risk to your own household security. Contacting a hard landscaping specialist ensures that the work is completed quickly and efficiently as they have all the tools and instant access to appropriate fencing materials that will match into your existing fence.

Equally worth considering is talking to your contractor as to how you can improve the security of your fencing. It may be that your fencing could be increased in height by adding trellis on top. Your contractor can advise on this, making sure that height considerations do not damage your neighbour’s access to light.

Taking action to minimize the risk of problems occurring makes sense. It can save you money and make you feel more secure.

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