Installing a fence sounds easy – after all, what could be simpler than digging in a few fence panels. But is it? All too frequently, DIY attempts to install a fence result in a quick call to the professionals!

It is not hard to see why this happens. Garden fencing requires a lot of skill and care to be installed correctly and safely. For most DIY’ers the risks of getting it wrong are very high. Buying a cheap fence from a DIY store can result in damage, problems with neighbours, and lack of security. If badly fitted, it is likely to fall down as soon as bad weather occurs.

There are so many advantages to using a fencing contractor. They will help you choose the best fence for the purpose. A fencing contractor can advise on style, security and the most appropriate height. This is very important. If you install a fence that is too high, then neighbours will complain about losing their light and can order that it is taken down – a costly mistake. Fencing contractors know the law and what can be done.

Measuring the boundaries needs to be done with care. Get it wrong and you could find yourself buying too much or too little. Uneven or sloping sites will require extra care since it may require the use of stepped panels.

Fences have to be secure, which means correct installation is important. Fence posts need to be encased in metal or concrete to prevent rotting, and the individual panels should fit tightly. Accidents are all too common if care is not taken when installing fences. Mallets and hammers can hit the wrong thing (or worse still a person). No one wants to be rushed off to hospital. Fence panels are bulky and cumbersome. More than one person is needed to hold and secure them in place.

There is little doubt that fencing contractors can do the job much faster than you can do yourself. They will advise on the most appropriate fencing to use, install it safely and securely. Skilled workmen mean that the potential for accidents is decreased significantly – they have been trained to do the job. They will have all the tools that needed, the extra hands to make sure that it is completed safely from start to finish. Using a contractor also means that the fence and the work are guaranteed, enabling you to rest easy knowing that your property is secure.

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