The bright autumn colours and arrival of the first frosts emphasise the need to get gardens ready for winter. Temperatures can drop fast, while wind and rain can quickly cause problems.


Checking the condition of fences has to be a priority. High winds often blow down fences and this not only affects your garden, but your security as well. Trying to replace those fences in a hurry can be difficult. Taking action in advance reduces the risk of problems. Look closely at all sections of the fence and ensure that it is firmly fixed, that there are no rotten posts and that the overall condition is good. Trellis sections attached to fences should be attached firmly as the weight of climbing plants can make them top heavy. Any damaged sections should be replaced before winter weather can take its toll.


Equally important is the need to check the condition of garden buildings to make sure that there are no problems. Damaged glass in greenhouses should be replaced.


Make sure that there are no damaged or worn areas on decking and patios. These can become slippery with algae in wintertime. Thoroughly clean all surfaces and undertake replacements as necessary. Sweep up leaves that fall onto paths quickly. Although pretty, they can become a hazard as they rot down.


Check the condition of tall trees and shrubs to make sure there are no loose or dying branches. High winds can quickly bring these branches down. If they fall across telephone or electric wires you can find yourself without those essential services for a while. Removing the potential hazards in advance does make life a lot easier.


Lawns need extra care as winter approaches. Grass will continue growing until quite late in the year so mowing will continue to be necessary. Remove any grass that is growing into borders and flowerbeds, or overlying paths and driveways. Bare patches of lawn should be replaced with new turf.


Aerate the lawn carefully to make sure that winter rain and snow does not result in surface water forming on top of the lawn. In some circumstances, this can lead to flooding and the development of boggy patches. If your lawn is in an overall bad condition, it is worth considering replacing it now as it will give the new turf time to establish itself before the really bad weather arrives.


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