As our thoughts turn to our summer holiday before you leave on your journey some tips for your garden before you go.

  •  Mow the lawn as you normally do, ideally the day before you go on holiday, so it has as little time as possible to grow whilst you are away. Don’t be tempted to cut your grass really short as if it is too short and the weather is hot it could cause your grass to turn yellow and the soil to dry out.
  • Weed all your bed and pots and baskets. This will help to prevent you coming back to a big jungle.
  • Deadhead all your flowers to encourage new growth whilst you are away.
  • Move pots into the shade if possible
  • If you can get someone to come round to give your garden a water whilst you are away that would be great.
  • Cover up any garden furniture to prevent sun bleaching or rust in case it rains.

Then finish the last of your packing, sit back, and relax and enjoy your holiday.