Garden fencing plays a very important part in the look of your garden and the overall image of your house. It is one of the more noticeable areas in a garden so it is really important to take your time and make the right choice when choosing which type of fencing to go for. There are so many designs and options available and it is good to do some online research to look at all the difference choices available to you so that you are happy and really comfortable with your fencing. It is important to select a garden fence that is in tune with the style of your home.

Here at C&J Landscapes Ltd we love all the different options available and are able to install them all. One look that we really do love to install and that is very popular is the horizontal slatted fencing. It really does provide a streamlined look to a garden design and works very well with modern and contemporary gardens.

When we install this type of fencing we work with both hardwood and softwood. If your existing fencing is sturdy the horizontal fencing can be applied to it. This is an easy update to create a new look. You can also paint the wood if required a feature colour to tie into a colour scheme in the garden.

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