Saving money makes sense – which is why it is now worth thinking about undertaking hard landscaping projects such as new paths and driveways. Prices for gravel and other hard landscaping materials are lower in winter – but rise again as soon as demand increases in the spring.

Just like buying heating oil in September can result in significant savings on your heating bills because the cost of oil is lower, so buying hard landscaping in wintertime can result in similar savings. The price of many landscaping materials goes down during the winter simply because there is less demand. This means that contractors can pass on these savings to the customer. It may even make projects more cost effective and give you more choice in terms of designs and styles.

An added advantage is the fact that the lower demand means that installing a new path or creating a new hard landscaping project can be completed more rapidly. As contractors are less busy, they can undertake work at short notice, and get it finished quickly.

Then there is the question of the disruption caused by installing hard landscaping. This is inevitable. Construction work is noisy and plants within the area being landscaped may be damaged during the work. Although contractors will do everything they can to minimise potential damage, plants may be stepped on or branches broken by accident. During the winter, most plants are dormant so there is less risk of any damage being caused.

Thinking and planning ahead is worth the time and effort. While other people are busy replacing or undertaking landscape projects at higher costs in the spring and summer, you can use the money that has been saved to do other things in the garden or around the home. Above all, with the lovely new look given to the garden of your dreams safely in place; you can sit back in the sunshine, relax and enjoy it.

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