Here we look at maintaining a fence. With the onset of winter, checking the condition of fences is essential. Any inherent weaknesses in a fence are made worse by winter weather. Strong winds, floodwaters, heavy rain and snow piled against the base of a fence can be the final straw. All too often, it is at this point that homeowners discover that their fence is no more.


It then becomes a rush to try and get a new fence. Decisions are made in a hurry, and you may have to wait some time for a fencing contractor to install it, as they will be deluged with similar requests from many other people. In the meantime, the security of your home and garden is compromised, and more damage may ensue from the presence of the damaged fence. With additional costs caused by poor security, damaged plants and potentially damaged garden buildings, the price can quickly start mounting.


Avoiding this situation involves just a few minutes of your time. Take a close look at your fence and investigate its overall condition. Are there any loose planks, or fence sections? Are the supporting posts strong and secure? Look carefully at the base of a fence. This is often where weaknesses can appear, yet be hidden from normal view. Give the supporting posts a push and see if they move. If so, then you have a potential problem emerging.


Remember too that a fence has two sides. One side might look OK, but the other may have problems. If it is a party fence, arrange with your neighbour to inspect it from their garden. This will enable you to see if there are any weaknesses appearing, or if the wood is deteriorating.


Weatherproofing a fence will help protect the wood from much of the vagaries of wind and weather but this can only be done when it is dry and there is no rain or snow forecast.


Contact a fencing contractor if you see any problems emerging. They can advise on the best techniques to repair the fence, replacing posts or fence sections quickly and efficiently. Fixing a fence needs more than just one pair of hands – a fencing contractor has the staff and skills to complete the job rapidly, a factor that is extremely important in wintertime.


If you notice a problem with your fence or are looking to have new fencing installed please get in touch via our website or email