Planning a new patio or decking for your home?   With a little bit of thought you can transform a simple patio or decking area into an incredibly stylish area that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Adding a little extra value can work wonders for the overall design and concept.


If opting for decking, opt for higher quality woods. These will last longer and feel much nicer when you walk on them. The higher the quality of wood, the greater the choice of woods available – which means you could use oak rather than pine, or something unusual like maple.


The use of colour stained wood is beginning to reappear again. Instead of the natural look, you could aim for cool blues or verdant greens. Try colour co-ordinating with colours that dominate in your garden, give planters a slightly darker shade of your chosen colour to make them stand out. Fixing a mirror on the wall is a well-established way of making a small area seem much bigger and it can give the garden greater depth.


Consider adding balustrading around the patio or decking as this adds a touch of elegance as well as practicality. What about incorporating a water feature such as a trickling fountain or millstone fountain, or building in lots of planters using wood or brick. Waist high planters can be an excellent idea if there is anyone in the household who is disabled or elderly as it avoids back problems when caring for the planters. It can ensure keen gardeners with health problems can continue gardening whatever their circumstances.


Make decking across two levels or incorporate some steps around the garden to add greater interest. Contrasting colours of wood or stone help to add interest, while other colours like grey and dark blue can look very distinguished and elegant. Bricks are also useful if you have problems with water retention and flooding, as they will allow rainwater to permeate through to the soil below.


As a final touch, consider building in a seating area which is tailor made in matching wood. Storage can be built into the seating areas to create a streamlined look and provide the important storage space needed in a garden.


Adding value to your decking and patio will not only make it a more pleasurable place to live, but will increase the price when the time comes to sell your house.


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