Raised flower beds are a popular choice in a garden. They look great, are good for people with mobility issues and for growing plants in different soils. On a personal level we find them really useful for keeping plants away from our dog who loves to pee everywhere in the garden. Another benefit is that they require less watering than containers.

The beds can be constructed from railway sleepers, brick or paving slabs. Think about what type would work well within your garden design. With masonry beds you can incorporate curves and shapes into the design. Think about how big you want your beds to be and the placement of them in your garden. Whether they need to be in a sunny or shady spot for your plants. Whether you want only one side of the bed or both sides to be accessible. The width needs to be so that you can reach all areas easily. When considering the height do you want to be able to reach the bed by standing up or gardening by sitting down or kneeling.

We include raised beds in many of our garden designs. If you would like to discuss a project please send an email to info@cj-landscapes.co.uk or call 020 3633 6413 to arrange a consultation with one of the team. Our friendly, experienced teams cover East London and Essex.