Sunny, spring days always make you feel like getting outside. It also reveals the damage caused by winter. Strolling out onto the decking can highlight damaged boards, faded timbers, broken balustrades. The decking can be slippery, blackened with fungus and timbers have become warped. If not dealt with quickly, this can eventually rot the timbers – and the framework underneath.

Repairing such damage is essential. But before doing so, it is worth taking a close look at your decking and deciding whether it meets your needs. It may well be better to totally replace the decking than simply carry out a repair.

Over time, people’s needs change. Children grow up and may no longer need that sandpit that was built beside the decking. Trees and bushes have matured and may affect the level of light being cast over your seating area. There may be a need to add in some steps or railings around the decking to provide a secure area in which children can play close to the house.

Replacing decking can also make a tremendous difference to the style and shape of your garden. It can completely transform a garden. Adding in curves or ornamental edges instead of just having square or rectangular decking can provide a sense of elegance, of style and make it seem much contemporary.

Think too about the level of shade experienced on your decking. Trees and shrubs may be needed to provide privacy from neighbours, and so cannot be cut down. Adjusting the shape and size of the patio could provide extra areas of sunlight.

Then there is the question of extra facilities such as balustrades to give added interest or safety. How about adding a few raised planters, an inbuilt pool, some fitted benches or a barbeque? By installing them as part of the overall decking, you can gain extra planting space and relaxing facilities which actually blends into your decking since the same materials can be used to construct these additional items.

Talking to a good landscaper will provide the advice and help that you need to maximize the benefits of your decking. For a landscaper with all the right tools and equipment, adjusting shapes and styles, and replacing decking can be undertaken with the minimum of disturbance to your lifestyle. With their breadth of knowledge of the decking sector, they can suggest ways of improving decking to give it a personal touch be it in terms of colour, facilities or style.

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