Sorting out your garden can be a nerve wracking task. Everyone wants a lovely garden, somewhere to relax after the pressures of the day. Creating it is another matter. There are so many decisions to be made. What would look good where? Should the seating area be placed beside the house or would it be better off further down the garden? What are the advantages of decking over paving stones? What materials should be used for paths? Is the fence stable and secure? What style of gate would work best with your fencing? How high should it be? How can you keep within budget?

Then there is the time involved hunting for products, trying to decide which is the best value and installation. This can often take much longer than you expect since a fair amount of skill is needed to lay patios, decking, create paths and install fences. Getting the hard landscape right is essential since this involves the greatest expense. It is much harder to replace a badly laid patio than to remove a lawn. Once the hard landscape that acts as the ‘bones’ of a garden are in place and you have created the framework, it is a quick and easy job to add in the softer elements of plants and trees.

Bringing in a hard landscape company like C&J Landscapes Ltd can make a tremendous difference in every way. It can actually make the task much easier and simpler. As they already possess extensive product knowledge and skills, knowing from experience what works and what doesn’t work in your area, they can provide the advice you need to make the best decisions as to how to transform your garden.

An additional advantage is the fact that they can provide all the manpower needed. There are very few hard landscaping tasks that can be done with the aid of just one person. Although it might look easy to put together a patio or install a fence, you do need several pairs of hands to hold materials and assist with preparation. Wood and stone can be heavy and it is easy to be over confident. As a result, accidents can happen ensuring that the creation of your lovely new garden is delayed.

With the right equipment, labour and materials, a hard landscaping contractor like C&J Landscapes Ltd can transform your garden within hours creating beautiful decking, fencing, paving and patios.