Sloped gardens require good planning and there are many things to consider when scoping out your design. Here we talk about some of the things to take into consideration.

The first thing that most people think about is getting the garden levelled. Levelling out a sloped garden will take a lot of time and can be costly. It can be expensive due to the labour costs of removing all the extra soil and the waste removal costs for doing this. Also consider how you are removing all of this, is it through the house or do you have side access which does make the process easier. Bear in mind that it could disrupt the foundations of your house if it is a large dig out and give some thought to your fencing as this will be impacted when you level out your garden.

A good option for a sloped garden is to create different levels in the garden. Paving or decking with steps to incorporate the slope work well and make a garden look interesting. Alongside the steps you could have retainer beds to bring in some colour or plan some vegetable beds which are very popular in gardens now. Retainer raised sleeper planter beds are a popular choice or you could have rendered retainer beds for a modern look. Also gabions which are wire cages filled with stones make an alternative retaining wall.

Building a deck provides a great space for entertaining and is a popular choice when designing a sloped garden as the decking is built above the slope rather than cutting into it. It is more cost effective than building retaining walls into a project. The deck can be raised to incorporate the slope and you have the option of building storage into the space underneath. You can also add lighting to light up the different levels and handrails and spindles for safety.

Use the different levels to create different zones in your garden. Plan a seating area directly outside the house leading down to a grass area of either real lawn or artificial grass for play and sunbathing. There are many different options to consider. Think about what works best for you and what you would like to see in your garden.

A downhill sloped garden enables you to hide a feature that you would rather not see like a shed. An uphill slope gives you the opportunity to show off a feature you really love like a beautiful pergola.

It is very important to consider drainage with a sloped garden so remember to discuss this thoroughly with your landscaper.