Summer facelift for decking. Give your decking a facelift by adding some extra features such as planters, built in seats, balustrades or arches.  Within a very short time, tired decking can be given a totally new look.

Raised beds make a perfect addition to decking as they enable extra space for planting, especially if you are less able and find bending difficult.  The planters can be constructed to blend in with the existing decking colour scheme.  By talking to your decking contractor, matching wood can be obtained so that the beds seamlessly link into the decking.  Alternatively, opt for a contrast colour or a different shade to provide texture and style.  Another advantage of adding a raised bed is that it offers quick access to an array of vegetables and herbs for the kitchen, as well as being a pretty and eyecatching feature.  Bear in mind, that planters do not have to be square or rectangular – you can opt for a whole range of shapes such as circles, half moons and hexagonals.  Size and height can vary according to your requirements. Your decking contractor can advise on load weights so that the planter does not damage the existing decking.

Ever thought of installing some built in seating to adorn your decking?  This can be a useful space saving feature since it can be combined with creating storage space underneath for bulky items like cushions.  Seating can also be combined with built in planters and raised beds to create a pretty, fragrant corner in which to relax.

Why not make a feature of your decking sides by adding balustrades and an archway full of fragrant roses, clematis or honeysuckle leading out to the rest of the garden? It creates a wonderful focal point wherever you happen to be in the garden or if looking out from the house. There are a wide range of options as to styles of balustrading and edging so that you can create a really personal effect that reflects your garden and house style.

If your garden slopes, you could add steps or a slight ramp so that it blends seamlessly into your decking design.  A practical measure, it makes access safer for all users.  

Decking can be so much more than just an empty space.  A chat to your friendly decking consultant will provide lots of ideas as to how you can make it the perfect space for relaxing and entertaining. If you would like to discuss a project please get in touch to discuss via email on or calling .