Now the winter has arrived we mustn’t forget about our gardens. They still need our care and there are some tasks to be carried out. Below are some winter garden tips to keep your garden healthy and looking good in the winter and have it ready for when spring approaches:

1. Check your fences, gates and other structures for any wear and tear.
2. Treat timber structures with preservative and stain. This needs to be carried out during a dry spell.
3. Clean your sheds and greenhouses and have a general tidy up of the storage of your equipment.
4. Get together all your tools and give them a good clean so that they are ready for use in the spring.
5. Clean and dry lawnmowers and hedge-trimmers for the winter.
6. Clean and sharpen secateurs and loppers.
7. Check that greenhouse heaters are working.
8. Ensure all stand pipes and irrigation lines are drained to avoid any damage from freezing.
9. Put lagging around outdoor taps.
10. Install some garden lighting.
11. As it is a quieter time for the garden plan ahead what you would like to do with your garden for the spring.
12. Now is a garden time to consider getting a landscaper in to complete a project as contractors aren’t as busy now as they are in the spring and summer so you can get the work carried out at a very convenient time for you.
13. Cover large tubs with bubblewrap to avoid them cracking.
14. Avoid walking on lawns on frosty mornings as it can damage the grass.
15. If the winter is mild you may need to still mow the lawn as it will continue to grow in temperatures above 5C.
16. Remove fallen leaves from lawns before they block out light and moisture to the grass.
17. Repair any damaged lawn areas with turf.
18. Brush any heavy snow from trees and shrubs to avoid breakage.
19. Remove algae from paths as they can make it slippery.
20. Add some mulch to your garden. In the winter it can help towards protecting roots and bulbs from frost.
21. Check on tender plants to ensure winter protection is still in place.
22. Prune apple and pears.
23. Prune acers, birches and vines.
24. Alpines can be sown from seed this month. Place a sheet of glass over the sown area to protect it from excessive wet.
25. Cut back faded herbaceous perennials.
26. Plant roses.
27. Feed the wildlife in your garden.