Autumn is a good time for garden redesign. It works so well as your garden isn’t used as much at this time so the work can be easily carried out with little inconvenience. A great time also as all the work will be completed and ready for your garden to be used in the spring and summer.

Landscapers are extremely busy and usually booked up with projects during the spring and summer so this is a great time to get a project booked in with them as they will have a bit more availability.

Any new fencing may be a little easier to install at this time as any plants or shrubs in the line of fencing will be dying back ready for the winter making it easier to work around and wildlife will be less disturbed at this time.

At C&J Landscapes Ltd we carry out hard landscaping which is the building part of garden redesign like patios, decking, brickwork and fencing but we also do turfing and artificial lawns. Hard landscaping can be carried out all year round including the autumn and winter giving you time to choose your plants for planting in the spring.

So if you are thinking of a garden design in the autumn and would like to discuss a project with one of the team please send an email to or call 020 3633 6413 to arrange a free consultation. We cover East London and West Essex.