Here is our winter garden checklist for preparing your garden for winter. We tend to not spend as much time in our gardens during the winter. However with the cold weather we do still need to take care of it to keep it in good condition ready for the spring. Here are some tips and advice to protect your garden over the winter.

Keep your Patios and Paths Clear

These can become slippery in the cold weather with the build up of fallen leaves, moss, frost and maybe a sprinkling of snow. Blow or sweep the area regularly to clear away any fallen leaves and debris and try to keep the area clean. Scatter some salt or grit when frosty to avoid the area becoming slippery.

Container Plants

You need to protect your containers plants from the cold weather as the frosts can damage the roots. Move them against a sheltering wall and cluster them together for added protection. Add fleece or straw to the containers. To avoid waterlogging from all the rain you may need to lay the posts on their side.

Border Plants

These are able to fair better than your container plants but they still need a little TLC. Add compost or bark chippings to your beds to feed and insulate the soil.

If the snow does come knock it off from your plants as the lack of light and weight can cause severe damage.


Your trees and shrubs should be ok over the winter if they are established. For less established or smaller trees or shrubs you can put them in fleece bags for extra protection. Add some bark chippings around the roots. Now is not the time for any pruning or trimming as it could cause damage in the cold weather.


Try to stay off the grass as much as possible during the winter as walking on a frosted lawn could damage the grass.

Protect Your Outdoor Water Supply

Try to avoid burst pipes on your outdoor taps by making sure that faucets are drained and fully insulated. This also includes any water features you have. Remember to pack away any sprinkler systems you have ready for the summer.


Before packing away your tools for the winter give them a good clean. Carry out any maintenance needed at this point so they are ready for use in the spring.

Garden Furniture

Cover up your garden furniture to avoid any rust or mould. If you can move them into a garage or shed for full protection.


Now is a really important time to help the wildlife. You can support them by putting out nuts and seeds on bird tables or feeders. You could even make a bug hotel.


So that is your winter garden checklist. Time to wrap up warm and get prepared.