Is winter a good time for a garden makeover? We all want to be able to go out at the beginning of Spring when the sun starts to make a reappearance and enjoy some time relaxing in our garden. We definitely want to be able to relax and enjoy our gardens in the summer!

This is why winter is a good time to re-design or get some work carried out in your garden. By getting the work done in the winter you are there fully ready to enjoy your garden when the warmer weather arrives.

Plus you won’t be using your garden as much at that time which is another reason why winter is a good time to get landscaping work carried out. You are able to get the work completed with minimal disruption. If you do have the work carried out in spring/summer, there will be a time whilst the project is being carried out that you won’t be able to use your garden quite as much.

It will be easier for the landscaping team to work with your garden in winter rather than the summer as the plants and shrubs will be dying back making it easier to move around. The bare bones of your garden are exposed allowing you to see the overall structure and get good sight lines to see what is working in your garden and what isn’t. Plus there isn’t as much wildlife around to disturb which is an important point.

This is also a good time if you need to move any trees or shrubs as they will be dormant so you will disturb the roots less. The ground is also softer due to the more frequent rainfall making it easier to excavate if you are having a new patio for example.

Another important point to consider is that winter can be a quieter time for landscaping companies. Spring and summer are very busy times when landscaping companies get booked up very quickly, by having your project carried out in the winter you can ensure you can get your project carried out in the timescale desired. You may also find that you may be able to get a better deal on your project. It never hurts to ask to see if there is any wriggle room.

Landscaping companies have the machinery and expertise to work in almost any weather so no need to wait until the spring/summer to undertake a project. They are very fortunate enough to be able to see and enjoy all the seasons whilst they carry out their work.

Finally, a new garden re-design takes planning, so you can enjoy curling up snugly indoors and looking through magazines or online for inspiration with a nice warm cup of tea. So is winter a good time for a garden re-design? I think it is.

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