Decking creates the perfect outside room no matter where you live. The warm, natural tones of wooden decking blends into all house styles and can be made as large or as small as you want.

Placed adjacent to patio doors leading from the lounge, or beside the kitchen door; an area of decking gives the impression that the house is much larger than expected. In fact, it is an ideal way of extending your house at a relatively low cost as it provides a lovely place for children to play in safety, or where you can relax and enjoy a barbeque.

Planning permission is not normally needed for decking so you can install an area of decking quite quickly.

To create an image of another room attached to the house, choose decking colours that blend into your décor. Look for natural shades that will link into your colour scheme or reflect the colour of furniture. A slightly lighter shade of wood can make the area seem even larger.

Consider adding a few extras that will make your decking unique. Some balustrading round the decking can add an elegant touch. If you have young children, add a little gate with a safety catch so that they can play in safety while you are busy indoors. Avoid steps if there is anyone in the family with mobility issues – a gentle ramp will be far more user friendly.

Leaving the patio doors open so that you can go straight out onto the decking encourages people to relax when having parties. They have the space to move, and are not confined to a small room. The decking can even become a place for intimate conversations while watching the sun set over the horizon.

Add a pretty table and chairs, perhaps a barbeque, some planters filled with fragrant herbs and perhaps a candle or two – and your outside room is ready for use. So sit back and enjoy a relaxing evening on your new decking, made even better by the knowledge that this is an experience you can enjoy time and time again in the months ahead.