Here we look at the pros and cons of contractor vs DIY for your garden decking project. Well laid decking looks fabulous in the garden and definitely adds value to your home. Not surprisingly, increasing numbers of home owners are installing it. Yet simply choosing materials and a design is not enough – fitting needs to be done just as carefully if you are to have the decking of your dreams.

Installation is always a tricky question. Who is going to do it? Should a contractor be employed or should you attempt to do it yourself?

Using a contractor definitely has distinct advantages. Contractors can design as well as install decking, making sure that it meets your needs exactly. They will know all the building regulations and ensure these are not broken. Contractors have the equipment, the materials and the skilled craftsmen who can deal with any problems that arise. Above all, a contractor will make sure that the decking is laid safely and securely. There will be no risk of loose planks or uneven surfaces that could pose a hazard to anyone in your family.

An experienced installer will have a lot of experience on which to draw. They know what works and what doesn’t, and can bring this experience to bear when designing your new decking. It is not just a matter of putting down a few planks of wood. The site has to be assessed, prepared, foundations laid, wood chosen before the actual process of building the decking can begin. Adding features like steps or raised decking immediately makes the task even more complex. They can also add in seating areas, storage areas, flower beds and build sand pits within the decking and much more.

Admittedly DIY can be cheaper. There are no installation costs. But you do need good DIY skills, and more than one person is needed on site. Help is needed to make sure the installation is safe and secure, moving large planks of wood around. It is not a simple task!

Opting for a contractor will make the task easier and less traumatic. A skilled team can do the task in half the time leaving you free to enjoy the end result.

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