We can feel the days getting hotter so our thoughts turn to our gardens. One of the jobs to be done is to get your patio area clean and ready for the Summer. Below are some tips for getting your patio ready.

Remove everything from the area, all chairs, BBQs and plants and pots to create a clear space to work in. You can’t do a thorough job moving around objects.

Then give the area a really good sweep. Making sure you get into all the corners and remove any leaves or debris that have accumulated.

Remove any weeds that have come up over time. Try to get the root out or as near to the root as possible. If you have sand filled joints and the weed takes some sand up with it remember to replace the sand. Do not leave this partially filled. Alternatively use a weed killer to remove.

One of the quickest ways to bring your patio back to life is with a jetwash. This provides a really deep clean and will bring up the colour of the paving beautifully. However if you don’t have one of these a good old bucket of water with some paving cleaner or washing up liquid and a stiff brush will work wonders too. If using a paving cleaner always check that it is suitable for the paving so that you do not damage the stone.

Apply a sealant if needed. Take care to use the correct one for your pavers. There are many options available in the DIY shops and garden centres.

You may need to repoint between the paving stones. If this job is needed it will be worthwhile as it will really refresh the look of the paving.

Give all your chairs and tables a good clean before returning them to the patio area.

Rinse and wash your garden umbrella as it has probably accumulated some dirt and grime and probably bird poo! Firstly rinse with a hose, give it a good wash over with some cleaner then rinse off and lay out to dry thoroughly.

Now the fun stuff. Buy some new planters and some new plants to welcome in the Summer.

Might be time for some new furniture to freshen up your look.

String up some outdoor string lights to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and unwinding.

Remember that as with your house your garden needs regular maintenance to keep it in tip top condition. In particular for your patio keep brushing regularly to avoid dirt, moss or weed build up.

If your patio is past just a spring clean it might be time to look at repairing or replacing it. If this ends up being the case you could look at a different type of paving for a totally new look to your garden or a complete overhaul and replacing it with decking instead.

If you would like to discuss a project please get in touch via email to info@cj-landscapes.co.uk or call our office on 020 3633 6413.