Carrying out a total garden makeover is a very exciting and important project for your home. Take your time to think and plan what your dream garden will look like. What look would you like to achieve? Think about what you need your garden to be? Somewhere to relax, somewhere for the children to play? Take into account the size and shape of your space when planning. Do you like a traditional garden or a more modern contemporary look? Think about what would work well with your style of home. Carry out some research by visiting garden centres, open gardens, garden magazines and online and even the gardens of your friends and family for inspiration.

A garden makeover can take place any time throughout the year. In the Winter the plants are dormant and so it is easier to work around the garden, or the Summer when you get the opportunity to really understand how to make the best use of your space. If you choose to carry out the work in the Winter this enables you to have your garden ready for when the Spring arrives to get the most use out of it throughout the year. In the Winter you may be able to negotiate more with your landscaper than in the Spring or Summer.

Which hard landscaping do you want to introduce into your project? Do you want to be relaxing on a patio or decking area? Would you like a large lawn area to spread out on in the Summer and for your pets to have space to run around? Once you decide then carry out research on what materials you want to use for your project. There are so many options available so make sure you look at as many as possible. Carry out research online and also go into the local garden shops to take a look at samples.

For decking do you want wooden decking or composite decking. If wooden do you want hardwood or softwood decking. Which do you prefer the look of, also what budget do you have for this part of the project as hardwood decking is slightly more expensive. Carry out your research to find out which type of decking suits your project and budget. There are many choices of wood available for both options. If you choose softwood decking we regularly use a decking board that allows you the choice to have a grooved or smooth finish so a further decision to make. What shape do you want your decking to be, do you want a curved finish or a standard rectangular shape flush to your home. Do you want to make additions to the decking by adding spindles and handrails, lighting, seating or storage. These additions can really make a difference to the overall project. They can always be added at a later stage if your budget doesn’t allow at the time.

For paving there are many different designs and products. Which type of paving slab do you like the look of, which would work well with all the other materials you have chosen for your garden makeover project. Is it one patio needed or maybe two, one outside the back door and one at the end of the garden where the sun trap in your garden is with a path connecting the two. Then you need to decide which way you want to lay the paving as that can create a totally different look too. Do you want a square or rectangle patio or a circular one. Maybe one area of the garden as a patio and a decking area as well.

Fencing plays a large part in the look of your garden so consideration really does need to be given to this area of the garden. Do you like the traditional fencing or the contemporary look of the horizontal slatted fencing. Which would work best with your overall design. There is also the choice with the traditional fencing of whether to go with concrete or wooden posts.
One area that might not be considered is waste costs for the project. If you require a skip will you need to contact your local council to purchase a skip permit and do you also need to include bay charges if there are parking restrictions in your area. Do remember to include waste removal costs into your budget.

If you would like to discuss a garden makeover then please get in touch with us to discuss and we can arrange a consultation to talk through your project. Email or call 020 3633 6413.