Here we look at what to consider when planning a new patio. When planning a new paving project in your garden there are many things to take into account, your budget for the project, ensuring you have the correct drainage. the type of paving you would like to install, the colour of the paving, the size of the pavers, the layout of the pavers. Also what you are hoping to achieve with your new patio, what you are looking to use the new area for and the best location in your garden to install this.

Patio Position

Before installation take a good look at your garden space and work out the best place for the patio. Where would you get most use out of it. Do you have a really sunny corner that would work well or would you prefer to have the patio straight outside of your property making it easy for entertaining. Think about the best position to ensure privacy.


Think about the size you would like your patio space. Take into account the size of the space that will fit well in your garden. Also the amount of people it needs to accommodate, maybe a cosy seating space or a large entertaining area for friends and family. Think of the furniture you have in mind for the area and ensuring that there is enough space around the furniture to walk around comfortably.


Plan your budget for the project and try to stick to it. Speak to professionals to discuss your project and get a quote for the work. Find a contractor you feel comfortable working with.


There are many options available with pavers so carry out online research to find out which colour, paving material and style works well with your property and with your project. Think about the layout as the pavers can be laid in different patterns. You can also choose to have all the paving slabs the same size or there are mixed sized packs available to create different designs. Also what works well within your budget as prices can differ between different types of materials.


Drainage is a very important factor when installing paving. If you use a contractor for your project they will be able to bring their expertise in that area to your project and ensure the correct drainage is in place.

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