Here we discuss choosing a new fence. Fences are extremely vulnerable in winter. Storms, high winds, frost and snow can cause major problems. Taking action in advance can pay dividends for canny homeowners as it ensures the safety and security of your property. A further advantage is that a smart, well cared for fence will create a good impression for visitors and add value to your home, making it easier to sell.


Fences mark boundaries between houses. They provide security, deterring potential intruders. If you have young children, strong fences ensure they can play safely and securely within your garden without any risk of wandering away.


This is the perfect time to check out the condition of your fence. Are all the panels secure? Are they showing signs of wear and tear? Are there any broken pieces? If trellis pieces have been attached to the fence, are they fixed securely? Bear in mind that the weight of climbing plants can often cause trellis to pull away from its supports so you may need to do some pruning.


Look carefully at the posts that support the fence panels. Are these securely fixed in? Do they rock when you push them? This can be a sign that wood may have begun to rot. Talk to your neighbours and check the condition of the fencing on their side of the property – after all, it may look OK on one side, but problems may be emerging on the other.


Gates need to fit properly and have fastenings that actually work. Make sure that gates have no loose planks or broken pieces.


Calling in a fencing contractor will make it easier to deal with any fencing problems. A contractor has the expertise and skills to erect a new fence, or replace sections quickly.


Many people try to do it for themselves and often end up having to call in a specialist. By far the biggest problem that most people forget is that it is a task, which requires more than one pair of hands! Trying to hold a fence in place, while fixing it to a support is not easy. Fencing contractors have the people who can do the job efficiently.


Before making a decision on fencing, chat to a contractor and find out what can be provided. A contractor can advise on materials, costs and even recommend colours that will blend into your existing fence if necessary. Suggestions can also be made for additional security fencing measures or for decorative fencing styles.


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