Here we look at decking design ideas. Decking is such a great addition to a garden. It provides a brilliant entertainment space and is so versatile it can be built anywhere in your garden. It doesn’t have to be laid right outside your back door and if there is an area at the bottom of your garden that attracts the sun a decking space there would work perfectly. Corner decking is also very popular with our clients.

Decking can be laid at different heights and levels which works really well if you have a slope in your garden or the ground is uneven with different levels as decking allows you to create a flat surface for a seating area for your chairs or garden dining table.

You can also look at what shape your decking will be. No longer does it have to be a standard square or rectangle. Curved decking is very popular and will create beautiful lines in your garden. If you already have an established flower border in your garden then you don’t have to dig it up. The decking can be installed to provide an edge around the border creating a frame for the plants.

The decking can be laid in different configurations to create a different look. Either vertical or horizontal. One softwood that we work with regularly allows you to choose whether to have the decking laid with a grooved or smooth finish. A popular method is to mirror the flow of the flooring inside your home if the decking is going to be laid right outside your patio doors. This allows the flooring to flow from the inside out.

Decking also looks great against paving and grass so mix up the elements that you use to create a beautiful and well useable space and create different zones in your garden.

If you have a colour scheme in mind for your new garden design then the decking boards can be painted or stained to fit into your scheme.

When having your decking installed you can also look at adding in built in planters to create a beautiful flower display, seating areas with storage space, sandpits for the littles one to play in under your watchful eye whilst you are relaxing on your decking. These are just some of the options as there are many more.

Handrails and balustrades not only provide safety but also add further design to add to the look of your decking. There are many different options available to personalise your look. It doesn’t need to only be used for raised decking as it looks so good it is regularly used on level decking too.

Lighting also allows you to personalise your deck and can be built into the decking or hung as string lights between the balustrades or if you have a pergola installed then twisted through. This allows you to stay out later in the evening long after it has grown dark.

We love decking here at C&J Landscapes Ltd and are experts in our field so if you would like to discuss a project please get in touch via our website or email or call us on 020 3633 6413 to arrange a consultation to discuss your next decking project. We cover East London and Essex.