If you are looking for a warm inviting look to your garden then garden decking is a good choice. Decking can be installed anywhere within your garden so is highly versatile. It can be installed at the bottom of your garden if this is the area that attracts the most sun or directly leading out from your back door as an additional dining area for family meals or entertaining. An unused corner can be transformed and the area brought alive with a new decking area installed. It also works well as an option if you have just completed building work on your house like an extension where the garden can be left in a bit of a mess after such a big project and decking can be easily installed to take care of this. If you are looking at wooden decking then you can choose to have either softwood or hardwood decking installed. Here at C&J Landscapes Ltd we work with both. We also install additions to our decking projects and discuss these further here:

Handrails and Spindles

These really finish off the look of a decking area and there are many different options available to personalise the look of your decking space and really make the look your own, from rope or wire handles to wooden spindles and handrails to glass panels. They look really great and also provide a safety feature to your decking. We install these on both level and raised decks.


We build these for our raised decks and these can be installed with or without handrails and spindles. The raised decks work really well in a garden with different levels or in a sloped garden. We find decking to be very popular in sloped gardens enabling a flat space in the garden to entertain and relax.


We build all types of seating into our decking. A popular choice is the benches that we make that have the option of providing storage too. Ideal for hiding away cushions and garden games. The seating also allows you to add colour to the space by adding a bench cushion in a bright colour or some cushions for colour and comfort. The seating also creates a great space always available to sit down so that you can grab that fifteen minutes of peace in the garden with a hot mug of tea or if a little later in the evening a nice glass of wine or beer. We often incorporate both seating and planters in our decking projects with a bench in the middle and planters either side.


Adding a pergola in the same wood as your decking creates a streamlined look and a nice finish to a project and gives the feeling more of an outdoor room. Once installed you can choose to grown climbers through the pergola for a burst of colour and to attract wildlife to your garden or let the beauty of the wood speak for itself.


These can be built into the decking design for a streamlined look or as a separate landscaping project, for example raised planters made out of sleepers or rendered concrete. Another opportunity to add colour and wildlife to your outdoor space. When building as part of the decking design we often incorporate seating at the same time.


These can be installed into the decking to allow your little ones to have lots of fun in the garden under your watchful eye whilst you sit close by and relax on your decking.


Adding lighting to your decking allows you to stay out relaxing in your garden long after the sun has gone down. You can have lighting installed directly into your decking or can choose to have string lights woven through spindles or handrails or across your pergola.

If you would like to discuss a decking project please get in touch via our website www.cj-landscapes.co.uk or email info@cj-landscapes.co.uk or call 020 3633 6413. We provide landscaping services in East London and Essex. We provide a free initial consultation and quote.