Getting your garden ready for Winter. If you would like your garden to look great in the Spring then carrying out some work in the Winter to prepare your garden for the cold spell will really help it. Here are some tasks to consider undertaking:

1. Give your paving and paths a good clean. Take off all the furniture and planters, clear out all the leaves, give it a good brush down and a clean with some soapy water and a stiff broom. If you have a pressure washer this will make the job a lot quicker and easier for you.
2. Give your decking a good brush down, firstly take off any chairs or tables or planters, then getting into the corners to remove any dead leaves or debris. Finally give it a wash down with some soapy water and a stiff broom or a pressure washer if you have one available.
3. Take a walk around your garden and take a good look around the boundary of your fences to check that the posts are still in good order and the fence panels do not need repair or for any to be replaced.
4. Lighting will really brighten up your garden in the Winter so is something to consider adding if not already there. The nights draw in fairly early now.
5. For your lawn go over the entire area with a rake to remove thatch and moss allowing it to breath and grow. Aerate and give it an Autumn feed.
6. Trim your hedges before the frost hits.
7. For your trees remove any dead or damaged branches.
8. Tidy up your borders by removing any weeds or dead foliage and leaves. Remove any annual plants and cut back herbaceous perennials.
9. If you have a compost bin now would be a good time to clear it out and spread it across your beds ready for the Spring. This also helps to make the beds look a little more presentable over the Winter.
10. Now is the time to plant out your Spring bulbs before the Winter kicks in. Once Spring arrives your garden will be alive with colour.
11. Take a look at your shed or greenhouse to see if the wood needs a coat of paint or any repairs need to be carried out. Now is a good time to give it a tidy up and clean inside and get all your tools in order. Consider adding shelving to make things easier to find.
12. For any delicate plants wrap them up in fleece ready for the Winter or move them to the greenhouse or conservatory.
13. If you have a pond try to keep it clear of leaves and place a ball in there to float on the surface to stop it freezing over completely.
14. If snow does arrive, and it seems to be more likely each year, then knock the snow that is resting on the leaves of your plants to try to prevent severe damage.

If you are thinking of a new project for your garden like adding in a decking area in a sunny corner or a patio area to create a great entertaining space then now is a good time to get the work carried out whilst the garden isn’t getting as much use. If you would like to discuss please email or call 020 3633 6413 to arrange a free consultation and a quote for the works.