Now could be the time for a garden makeover. It’s been a hard Winter. The ‘Beast from the East’ hit gardens just as the first signs of Spring had begun to appear. Bitter arctic winds played havoc with fences, while blankets of heavy snow followed by the impact of rain and thawing snow compounded any existing problems with patios, paths and decking

As the ground surfaces dry, the results are now becoming apparent. Fences may have become unstable, decking wood might have been damaged, paving stones dislodged.  Worse still, the sheer amount of water in the ground and encountered over the past few weeks could well be the last straw for fence posts that had begun to rot in previous years. A slight push or a strong March wind can easily bring down such fences. 

It is not just the existing hard landscape that will be looking a bit sorry for itself. Trees, shrubs, flowerbeds and lawns will also be suffering.  Walk on a lawn and often you sink into the ground or find yourself slipping on muddy surfaces. 

All this makes it an ideal time to consider a garden makeover.  Replacing problem areas that have arisen as a result of the hard Winter is essential for the security of your property, as well as the pleasure of having a nice garden.  But while doing so, it is worth considering whether paths ought to be re-routed to make access easier, fences totally replaced, or whether a new patio or decking is required in a different spot which would make cleaning, maintenance and relaxation much easier?   

Perhaps you are thinking of doing some entertaining this summer? Extending an existing patio area could make it much convenient by providing additional seating space that can be used all year round.  After all, gardens are flexible areas and often need adjusting as your personal requirements change.  

The arrival of young children can lead to a need for safe play areas, while less able householders may need safer paths to decrease the risk of falls.

Calling in a specialist contractor such as C&J Landscapes Ltd can make this task much easier.  Not only will they be able to undertake the work quickly and efficiently, they can call on years of experience to provide the advice and information you need. They can make recommendations on just how to transform your garden to suit all your requirements.

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